Terms and Conditions

  1. Once reservations are made on sevenstarexecutivetravel.co.uk , an instant email is sent to the client to inform them about the details of their journey. The client shall verify the details and confirm accordingly within a specified time period to assure the authenticity of the schedule.
  2. In the event of poor or lack of coordination from the company’s side, we accommodate our clients by providing alternate conveyance and paying any additional charges incurred.
  3. In any circumstances, if the client fails to board the flight, Seven Star Executive Travel will not be bear any responsibility. We suggest that every client reaches at least 3 hours prior to their flight to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.
  4. The company takes no responsibility for clients’ luggage capacity requirements. It is advised not to exceed the weight limits of the luggage prescribed by the booked fleet. For assistance regarding luggage capacity details, contact our customer care representatives.
  5. The company takes no responsibility for delay in flight due to a multitude of reasons including but not limited to traffic delay, accident, breakdowns, weather conditions, trade disputes, threat of war, act of terrorism, sabotage, official website booking error, technical difficulties, and unforeseen circumstances
  6. In the event of cancelling any booking with us, the client needs to inform our representatives at least 24 hours prior to the official plan. Cancelling the reservation without informing the company will cost 100 percent charges of taxi fees.
  7. We understand your privacy is of utmost importance to you and that is why we take care of it. Once you visit our website and share personal data, we ensure that it is not disclosed to any third party intermediaries that do not have any concern with your travel schedule.
  8. Our contact details are as follows:
    1. Email Address: info@sevenstarexecutivetravel.co.uk
    2. Telephone number: 07534838007
  9. Seven Star Executive Travel reserves the right to amend or revise Terms and Conditions, on our website without issuing any notification. However, the effect of revised Terms and Conditions shall be observed after 1 hour of publishing.
  10. The company charges suitable penalty fee in case of payment remains unpaid. Seven Star Executive Travel reserves the right to impose charges for any inappropriate incident.
  11. In case of delayed or unpaid invoices Seven Star Executive Travel will forward the invoices to Debit Collection Agency in order to recover the extra balance which may cost more than what you owe the company.
  12. To recover from any natural hazard or misfortune, we recommend getting travel insurance before making any reservations or bookings with us.