Privacy Policy

Seven Star Executive Travel values your privacy to the greatest extent. On all levels of communications and dealing, we ensure to take complete measures of privacy protection by securing the personal data of the user.

All the clauses herein outline how we protect our customer’s precious data in accordance with the applicable laws of the standard privacy policy. However, the company reserves the right to make amendments to modify any of the clauses without any notice to improve the quality of service and user experience.

The following clauses describe all data management purposes, procedures and conditions to the users. We suggest reading carefully to understand our protocols to protect your privacy under all circumstances.

User’s Information

The company can collect the following types of information from the users through the defined sources.

  • Client’s bio-data and other personal details from the initial form on our official website.
  • We can track and keep the record of your transactions to ensure smooth billing procedures and hassle-free service.
  • We reserve the right to collect data from the users to enhance the quality of services and to ensure hassle-free access to our services users are looking without any loss.
  • Traffic, location and communication data from all the resources one accesses through our official website
  • The company can collect users’ browsing information URL, IP address, domain type, etc.)

Information Collection

By making a reservation with the company or booking a service, the user automatically permits us to collect the personal information and convey to the other transportation service providers for ensuring standard service. Note that information that is only important for providing the specific service is shared with third party intermediaries.

Our SSL technology encrypted servers protect you from all kinds of malware and keep your browsing secure and safe while using our website.


Our official website uses cookies just to maintain standard user experience and to distinguish one user from others. The purpose to use these cookies is to enhance your experience on our website.

Email Notifications

The company conducts interactive programs related to features of our services, which we inform users through email notifications.

The individual can avoid our email notifications by unsubscribing to the option.

Each individual has a right to know how we use and process the personal data for any kind of marketing purpose. If we want to do so, we won’t do it without your prior permission.

Secure Dealings

We offer accurate and trustworthy drivers along with the safest car journeys. We prefer to identify any problems regarding privacy and safety on the slightest suspicion. We investigate and take action before the damage occurs. The company keep daily checks on the identity documents and driving licenses for Open rentals to keep our community safe from fraud.